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Mar. 14th, 2017 11:54 am
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» Coraline Jones
The best of the pint-sized children-people. Budding spy. Unafraid of work.

» Dipper Pines
(gravity falls)
Dipper is not the best pint-sized child-person. He is better at a distance.

» Bucky Barnes
Steve's bestie. He's all right. Mostly normal despite Hydra and oldness.

» Clint Barton
Nice asshole. Easy-going. Unlikely to shoot people for teasing him.

» Darcy Lewis
Good taste in movies; provides snacks. A++ would see film with again.

» Steve Rogers
Nice slice of all right. Idealist. Self-destructive idiot. Needs practice kissing/spying. Someone needs to volunteer as tribute. Might as well be Sharon.

» Victor Frankenstein (not -steen)
(penny dreadful)
Sharon worries about this little punk scientist dude and his dead-people hobbies SO MUCH.

» Philip
What a fucking telepath. Not supposed to be okay, but he's okay.

» Damon Salvatore
(the vampire diaries)
Mean old batboy with a soft squishy center. She doesn't know he's a vampire. If people talk about him being a blood-sucking monster, they'll be on her shit list. If they talk about how he looks evil or something she'll be like, "HE JUST NEEDS MORE SLEEP, ASSHOLE."

» Elena Gilbert
(the vampire diaries)
SHE IS SO SORRY. But also scarred for life after finding out firsthand how physically close Damon and Elena can get.

» Peter Parker
(amazing spider-man)
She doesn't know how he survives, but isn't he adorable?

» Jane Doe
Awkward conversations ftw!

» Kurt Weller
They don't have a lot of CR. She's just scarred by how she can't look at him anymore without thinking, "PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME."

» Sarah Weller
They've talked about family together, and Sharon has (awfully) brought up changing Kurt's diaper, so they BETTER have CR. Weird, weird CR.

» Faith Lehane
(buffy the vampire slayer)
Weirdo sparring partner and friend. Super-strong. Can almost dance.

» Shepard
(mass effect)
Drinking-soldier buddy. Takes one to know one.

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Fourth Wall Breakage
she won't understand & will be concerned so SURE
Offensive Topics
Anything Else?
beware of puns and yo mama jokes and don't tell anyone I told you
know her first
better be a reason
sure but she won't always notice
lol yes please
ooooh yeah okay
ask first please!
sure but she'll freak out
she will be wary but sure
brainwashing, ASK before anything non-con so we can work it out beforehand, hard time forgiving betrayal
No shippy
Underage stuff
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if you're Hydra, expect a FIGHT

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Dec. 30th, 2016 09:18 pm
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